Hi, I am glad you found me and your are reading these words.

I have always had curiosity for many things and I love learning anything that captures my attention. How the human body works, specially the brain, is something that has attracted me from the beginning. I think this is why I studied a Degree in Human Biology and a PhD in Neuroscience.

Since I was 7 years old I had a friend with me, who I tried to spare as much time as possible with, and was specially understanding when I was feeling blue, angry or alone. It was always there, waiting for me to start playing its notes. When I was playing the piano, I felt that the little something that was inside me making me unconfortable desappeared. It really helped me to calm my mind, better manage my emotions and clear my thoughts in order to focus on what is important.


Meanwhile I was playing piano classic composers or composing my own songs, I was doing my academic research, which was focused on studying the neurotransmitter serotonin and the serotonergic system. Serotonergic neurotransmission research interested me very much since this system in involved in modulating the feelings of well-being and happiness, and its disfunction is directly related to stress and anxiety, dysregulation of sleep cycles, among others.

Time went by and finally I finished my PhD, the result of the thesis was several published articles in peer-review scientific journals and the participation in international congresses.

During that time, I created a music home studio for composing for piano and orchestra, while doing courses on music production. At the beginning, I just composed for fun and for letting my feelings being expressed freely throughout her melodies. However, after uploading some songs on Soundcloud and receiving many positive feedbacks, something changed in my  mind.

At the same time, I started to realize that there was a change in the music industry; a democratization where the audience is the jury who evaluates the music. It all seemed to indicate something to me, and I decided to take the message: move a step forward and publish my first EP.

Nowadays I think that there is still the belief that Neoclassical music is something let’s say old, to be sit in a theather or auditorium once or twice a year.

Maybe I am wrong, but I would really like to change this belief and contribute to bring this kind of music to everyone. This music can really help to live better our daily stressed lifes, where we all have tons of obligations, appointments, family routines and we many times we do not have enough time to take care of ourselves needs.

  • Helps to better manage stress
  • Calm your mind from repetitive thoughts
  • Improves focusing on important things
  • Time to connect with yourself and your inner objectives and feelings
  • Desconnect from the outer world, which can be exhaustive

With a more personal insight, I am a mother of two young children. Because of the lack of time, I realized that new routines in my daily life based on objectives were needed. Now I follow my own method to potentiate creativity and productivity and get the most of it every day, while also continuing studying online marketing strategies to optimize music results in the social networks.



I am finally happy because at the end I could connect my passion of composing music for piano and orchestra with my specific knowledge on Neuroscience field; through my songs I can enhance our minds to experience relaxation, well-being and peace while listening.

I decided to do this web to share with you all the knowledge I have and the methods I have learnt and stablished during this journey I took. I really hope your daily life to be improved somehow after knowing about Samyula, either because of my music, or because the application of some of the methods I do. Nowadays I am composing new singles and will be performing live concerts at the end of 2020.