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Welcome to my web! 🙂

This is the first article of my blog, I am especially excited to write it because with it I launch this website and therefore also the blog. Throughout this article I would like to introduce you to this website, as well as explain what content you can find on it.

I spend much of my time composing new songs, but I also try to organize myself to do many other things that are collected on this website. As you already know if you have been able to look at the web, my music focuses on reducing stress and improving our well-being. For that, I constantly try to relate my scientific knowledge about the neuroscience of the brain with the musical knowledge of composition and music theory. The benefits of music on the brain are not entirely known, and I would like to be able to explain them in a simple way through my contents. Currently, I am doing experiments to be able to measure brain activity and know stress and relaxation levels in different situations. I will talk about these experiments in another post later.

Another of my goals is to bring the knowledge of piano and music composition to anyone who wants to learn to play the piano and even compose their own songs, in a fun and easy way. In the Conservatory there are many theoretical subjects that are time consuming and not necessary to be able to start on the piano in a fun way and to be able to play neoclassical songs, quiet songs that relax us while also move us. For this, I am developing an online course in which I will explain how to learn to play the piano in an easy way, and be able to start playing your own songs (or songs from other pianists that you like).

Brain activity gives rise to the contents of the mind.

Before continuing I would like to differentiate what is the brain from what is the mind, in order to better understand what I am referring to in the following articles. The mind is made up of memories, emotions, experiences, while the brain is the box where all that happens. For cognitive scientists, the word “mind” refers to that part of each of us that embodies our ideas, hopes, desires, memories, beliefs, and experiences. The brain, on the other hand, is an organ of the body, a collection of cells and water, chemicals, and blood vessels, that resides in the skull.

On this website you can find the following sections:

1) Music that I have composed is also available on all streaming platforms.

2) Personalized song is one of my strengths, I try to understand as much as possible what the purpose of that song is: why they ask me to compose it, who is that song for and what for. Those three questions are key for me to develop the song, either for someone close to me or to promote a product.

3) The home concert is a service that is increasingly in demand as it is something very personalized, live and in your own home. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to do a custom concert; musicians can perform versions of special songs for the client, it is a very complete service and, most importantly for me, it generates a lot of emotion.

4) Giving talks is another way to spread the beneficial effects on music in our minds and, therefore, in our lives. I have read many articles related to this topic, and all of them emphasize the benefit that our brain and mind have.

5) Online courses to teach in a pleasant and easy way to start playing the piano and compose a song.

6) Contact is the most direct way to contact me to talk more deeply about some of the services or products on the web.

I also wanted to mention that registered users will be added to a mailing list, where I will post specials offers for concerts, discounts, and special giveaways for people who sign up.

This is it for now! I am very happy with how everything has gone so far and I hope that this website is an easy way to be in contact and to be able to inform you of the news that are coming out.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Samyula 🙂

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