Are you looking for someone who explains the importance of music in our lives?

It will be a pleasure for me to be there.

I like to speak in public, to capture the attention of the attendees and connect with them. I am aware that finding quality speakers is not always an easy task.

enjoy participating in events where I can share my knowledge and contribute with my experience to inspire and thrill the audience.

During the last years I have participated in many prestigious international congresses and give talks about the research I was doing.

On this page you will find what are the topics that I develop in my talks, and how you can contact me if you think I am the right person for the event you are organizing.

More than impact, I believe in the importance that each one of my talks has a utility for those who are listening.

I always try to give a clear and direct information, in a pleasant way, to explain the latest scientific breakthroughs related to the effect that music creates on our brains and, therefore, on our lives.

Offering constant value to the public is my priority

Each presentation I make is personalized and its main objective is aligned with the goal of your event. I spend time creating memorable presentations that capture public’s attention, with several take home messages. The topics I usually talk about are:

√ The importance of music in life and well-being

√ The beneficial effects of music on the brain

√ Music and emotions

√ Music and neuronal activity

√ How to calm your mind with music and habits

√ Relaxing music, what is it about?



If you are interested in talking with me about your event, it will be a pleasure to read your message.