This is a very special gift, probably once in a lifetime. This is why I want to make it as personal as possible. It can be the soundtrack of your life, or the other person life, a personal aniversary, special date for your. There is always a special moment in our lives, and I can make emotional melodies for these unique moments.

For me is also important to explain all the process, about piano melodies but also about orchestration, composing process, you can be an important part of the song creation.


Samyula can compose the Soundtrack of your favourite song, with an alternave emotive orchestration, and this can be a very special gift.

You can be a part of the whole process and your opinion will be asked in every step of the soundtrack composition.

There are lots of options, we can create an unique audiovisual with your photos, your own videos, letters, whatever you like together with your song. Besides, the chamber orchestra can play this song in a live concert at your home.

With music you can modify people’s emotions, perceptions and create a lasting memory of that moment

There is always a good reason to give a personalized song, these could be some of them:

  • To congratulate a birthday
  • For an unforgetable anniversary
  • To give away at a wedding
  • Surprise that special person
  • Because every moment is good to give a present and say I love you

If you are interested in having your personalized soundtrack, please send me a message so we can start working on it!